Orange Blossom Honey – Raw


Our Raw Orange Blossom Honey is made by our bees in Central Florida. We set our hives next to Orange Groves, where the bees make honey from the nectar of citrus tree flowers.
Prices vary: Qty Discount-$2 off additional jars.

9 oz jar (1 jar):  $13.99

20 oz jar (1 jar): $25.99

45 oz jar (1 jar): $40.99

case of 9 oz jars (12 jars):  $126.00

case of 20 oz jars (12 jars): $234.00

case of 45 oz jars (12 jars): $369.00

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Our honey is always 100% made by our bees.  We never purchase honey from another beekeeper and we don’t blend honeys… you get it as it was made from the hive.  Huff’s Honey Farm only sells raw and unfiltered pure honey, never heated, to preserve enzymes and beneficial nutrients.  The raw honey is allowed to crystallize naturally.  We then stir up the honey to break the crystal bonds.  This gives our honey a smooth, scoop-able, spreadable texture that will never change.  Unfiltered honey will have trace amounts of pollen, propolis, beeswax, etc. that are naturally found in honey and beehives.  We know you will enjoy the delicious taste of our honey varieties.

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9 oz jar, 20 oz jar, 45 oz jar, 9 oz case (12 jars), 20 oz case (12 jars), 45 oz case (12 jars)