2023 Nucs for Sale

5 frame Medium Nucleus Hive

  • Over-Wintered Nucs: $250 each
  • April Nucs: $185 each
  • May Nucs: $170 each

Tentative Pick-up Dates are April 15th, 2023 and May 6th, 2023

For all Nuc orders, please call or email Josh (570)916-9086 josh@huffhoney.com

Over-Winter Nucs are made up from Colonies that were overwintered here in PA.  We raised the queen here in PA during the previous summer and the Colony + Queen was completely overwintered in PA.  You have a proven overwintered queen from our Local Stock.

All Nucs are sold in a corrugated box with a closable entrance… for easy transportation, no box returns or frame exchange.  Our Queens are all grafted from stock that shows Varroa resistance or tolerance (ankle biting, VSH, etc).  Our Nucs are sold with Medium Frames, also known as Illinois.  They are sized to fit in 6 5/8″ Langstroth boxes.

Dates for 2023:

Saturday April 15, 2023

and Saturday May 6, 2023

Arrangements must be made to pick up Nucs on pick up date.  Pick up time: starts at 7am until 11am.  An order is not placed and secure until payment is received.  If an exception must be made for an alternate pick up day/time there will be a $30 charge.  All dates are considered tentative and shall be confirmed by email Thursday before the Saturday pick-up.  Please understand that beekeeping is agricultural in its nature; the best plans can easily be thwarted through bad weather, too cold, and too rainy.  Honeybees have a mind of their own; they are always unpredictable… queen mating, queen acceptance, and colony strength can all vary greatly, causing delays.  Obviously if a delay is going to occur we will do our best to spread the news as soon as possible.  

Quantities are limited order now.

To place an order, please contact us via email or phone.  Huff’s Honey Farm accepts checks — we will email you an invoice and you can mail a check.  Checks returned with insufficient funds shall be charged a $50 returned check fee.

Contact our sales department:

Questions, please contact Josh Huff: (570)916-9086 or email to josh@huffhoney.com